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What Doctors Say About Electronic Cigarette?
Nicotine is very similar to caffeine. Its a stimulant, its very addicting, like caffeine, but nicotine by itself is not a terrible thing. The Doctors approved electronic cigarette use over smoking regular tobacco cigarettes.
Pulmonologist Dr. Gary Weinstein.
Nicotine is very similar to caffeine. Its a stimulant, its very addicting, like caffeine, but nicotine by itself is not a terrible thing.

Dr. Anthony Panarello, Pulmonologist.
An average tobacco cigarette in addition to the nicotine contain over 4,000 cancer-causing elements. The electronic cigarette contains zero cancer-causing elements. Secondly, tobacco cigarette has been proven to cause cancer in non-smokers. The electronic cigarette does not produce the second-hand smoke in the traditional sense. It is only produces a harmless vapor, which according to lab results consists of 90% water, 1% nicotine and other elements, which are not harmful by the FDA. Nicotine can be harmful to your health and it is highly addictive, but the electronic cigarettes without all of the additives, found in tobacco cigarettes, clearly a better alternative to people who already smoke. You can avoid damaged longs by smoking electronic cigarettes.

The Doctors TV Show Rates Electronic Cigarettes #9 in Top 10
The Doctors TV show named electronic cigarettes #9 in their Top 10 Health Trends for 2009.

The doctors themselves suggested that the electronic cigarette is not intended for non-smokers, however, for current smokers, this seems to be a very positive option.

Electronic Cigarette - Smoke Can Smell Good
The time to renew our approach to smoking cigarettes began. ElectraCigarette - new and successful supplier of electronic cigarettes in US and Europe presents highest technology and new glamour look to electronic cigarettes that become more and more popular all around the world.
Reasons Why People Smoke
There is always a great urge to indulge in what is forbidden and this leads many people to smoking.
Second Hand Smoke is Especially Noticeable to Ex-Smokers
Now that I see what it does to people, I wish that I had not been so blind.
Reasons To Stop Smoking
It was just the cool, hip thing to do, and apparently it made you look older.
Dangers of Smoking
There's nothing like a graphic demonstration of the consequences of smoking to turn the stomach and the teen from the cigarette
Smoking Withdrawal Symptoms are a Small Price to Pay
Smoking withdrawal symptoms are much worse when you quit all at once as opposed to a gradual quit smoking program.
Benefits of Quitting Smoking
It is often thought to be cool at a glance, it is certainly not good for your health.
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