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Reasons Why People Smoke
There is always a great urge to indulge in what is forbidden and this leads many people to smoking.
There are so many people who smoke today and many times we seek to know the reasons why they do so. Studies conducted show that a majority of smokers take up this habit in their teens and grow with it into adulthood. Over time, this becomes an addiction since smoking is very addictive and it becomes incredibly hard for them to quit. Many young people smoke to appear mature in the society as they strive to overcome the trying years of puberty. This becomes a habit and stays with them for longer than they expected.

Another of the reasons why people smoke is to experiment. There is always a great urge to indulge in what is forbidden and this leads many people to smoking. They want to find out on their own why it is wrong to smoke and the effects those who smoke get from the stick. Some states like Massachusetts have laws against smoking and this makes the habit all so attractive. They therefore take to the habit of sneaking off to smoke in secret and get the thrill expected to come with this forbidden ‘fruit’.

Peer pressure is another of the reasons why people smoke. Hanging out with friends who smoke is an easy way to get lured into the habit. At the same time, many people want to fit into certain groups and this leads them to conform with what is viewed as acceptable by this group. This mostly happens with teenagers who live in the same neighborhood or attend the same school. It is so hard to resist what ones friends are doing and this makes them start smoking too. Another reason why people smoke is to reward themselves. They feel that the only way to congratulate themselves is by puffing on a cigarette.

This trend however changes with adults whereby many smoke to evade life’s pressures and stresses. They feel like they have too much on their shoulders to handle and this leads them to smoking. These pressures and stresses are mostly occasioned by joblessness which leads to economic problems. They often feel that they are not able to meet their own needs or even provide for others. Others maybe doing other drugs such as heroin and cocaine and this makes them smoke. Being in a bad relationship or marriage is another reason why adults smoke. They do so in order to escape from the reality.

Another of the reasons why people smoke is to loose weight. There are many overweight or obese people and there is a connection between smoking and food. When people smoke, their appetites are suppressed thus they tend to eat less. People are also unable to smell or taste and this makes them crave foods or drinks less thus control their weight in this sense. This explains why people who quit smoking suddenly gain weight since their appetites improve with an improved sense of smell and taste. There is another group of people who smoke for pleasure. They just love to smoke since it makes them feel good.
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